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Hirefully blends our professional recruiters’ knowledge with software to deliver the ultimate recruiting strategy for small-medium businesses.

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There’s no denying it. Hiring is hard and getting harder.

What was once a surplus is now a growing shortage of talent. The big companies with big recruiting budgets are landing the best and brightest, while small businesses need better ways to recruit and compete with the big boys.

Your small company doesn’t necessarily want the highest GPA, the best alma maters or smooth talkers. You want to hire the right people. If you believe that culture is key and fit is foremost, then our Hirefully Project will redefine how you discover talent and uncover potential. Hirefully shows you the great people that others missed.

It’s time to put the human back in hiring.

As good help gets harder to find, the last thing you need is more obstacles between you and the talent pool.

Hirefully doesn’t use lengthy tests and surveys. We don’t try to summarize the complexities and nuances of human-behaviour with a few numbers. And we don’t ask for awkward video interviews – unless you’re looking for the next Brad or Angelina. Instead of putting up barriers, Hirefully invites applicants to tell their story. To engage and explain. Then we rely on humans to understand humans – what a novel idea!

From start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

Your Talent Advisors (TA) will take care of all your hiring needs, including drafting your job posting to suit your targeted audience, publicizing the opening on LinkedIn and other job boards, previewing applicants based on their cultural fit and skill-set, conducting phone screens, organizing interviews, and conducting reference checks.

We’re here to help you make the right hire: to choose will-do over can-do; and uncover the stuff that resumes conceal.

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